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Goggles | Random | Tkitty

Tkitty is a cat that travels back in time as an assassination cyborg. I came up with the idea when I was at the supplements retailer. It was kind of tongue-in-cheek. I had chosen a cute kitty as an instant messaging avatar because I was feeling a bit beat up and discouraged. Nothing smart-ass, just a default cute cat. Well, that didn't last long. I put a laser light in the kitty's eye. I was instant messaging back and forth with my boss's son. We would wade through what had been delivered by the vendor, wade through the ever-changing requirements of the week, and try to figure out how to get the vendor to deliver what we needed. He started calling me T-kitty. I joked with him that I could register and put up a website by the time he finished reading through some document. I did it! That is how tkitty came to be. This is also where I stick some of my other fiction.

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20170802: Quit and Tired
20170611: ORNG
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20160727: Cigarette
20140507: No, Laura, No!
20130513: Richard Well
20130426: Bridge Loan to Series C Financing
20130214: Pod Q
20100622: The Tkitty Startup
20100509: Tkitty - Kor's Journal Software
20100508: Tkitty - Assassination and Blood
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20100209: Desolation Keywords