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2016-07-31 | Random | Watery

Lyder had wrinkled, tan skin and mostly grey hair that hung greasy and uneven to his neck from under his stained fedora. He held on to the ceiling rail and leaned in to talk to Sagan, who was sitting on the aisle seat with his backpack and sleeping bag against the window. Lyder had spent the night under the "Against" rock in the "Adjacent, Against, Upon" art installation. "It is too hot. It is muggy," he offered to Sagan, who he hadn't seen in months.

"Get rid of that leather and you'll cool off."

"Yeah. Nope. Not coming off."

Sagan's eyes were droopy and watery. The inner part of his lower lid was visible like the eyes of a basset hound. His hair was all white. He had an old shirt that was cut to look like a vest over a thicker long-sleeve shirt that draped over the loose jeans that covered his thin legs.

"I have shnapps in my bag. I'm getting off at Genessee. Wanna join me?"

"I don't drink any more, and I'm broke."

Sagan pulled two dollars out of the front of his pack and handed it to Lyder. "Here ya go. Grab a soda and meet me back at the park. Are you hungry?"

"I haven't eaten today, but I'm not hungry. I'll meet you."

Sagan beamed, "I like shnapps."


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