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2010-05-07 | Tkitty | Tkitty - The Wrong Mission

A bright circle of light appeared above the dark, wet concrete steps to the alley entrance of a liquor store. Sparks jumped from the circle to the railing and a small gray cat with brown specked fur appeared, crouched on the stoop of the entrance.

“Reoooorrrr,” the cat complained. The jump through time was painful. The tissue over the cat’s metal endoskeleton was inflamed from the stress of slight variations in emergence from 2029 to 1984. The endoskeleton of metal arrived at a slightly different time, just enough so that the living tissue protected the transfer. Tkitty reached out with one paw and then another to stretch the ligaments and tendons that held the flesh and skin on the metal endoskeloton, the hair on his back puffing straight up along his shoulders.

Another larger circle lit up the alley and a hairless, tan naked man with huge, toned muscles appeared, crouched on the concrete. The man stood up, twisted his head side-to-side with a crackling sound, and started sprinting down the alley. Six was annoyingly focused, thought Tkitty, still limping from the time jump.

"Cat. Follow!" Six commanded.

"OK Six".

Tkitty followed Six at a safe distance. It was dangerous to follow too closely, as Six was quick to crush if you got in the way. Tkitty had been assigned to Six, the model 6 assassination cyborg, towards the end of the human-machine wars. The mother of the leader of the humans in the human-machine war was supposed to be in Seattle, and Six and Tkitty were instructed to kill her. Her son, Urchin Cruise, had started erasing large stores of data associated with the original MindNet in 2010. It had been a close war, but luckily the machines recovered most of their data stores and distributed processing power. The mother’s name was Cynthia Cruise, but for some reason no pictures were associated with the assassination instructions they received.

Six punched out the window in the first vehicle they found, a diaper service van.

“Cat. Get in.”

Tkitty jumped through the window and settled in on the broken glass on the passengers seat. Six dressed in the delivery driver’s uniform he found in the rear of the van and they left the alley. Tkitty gripped the seat with his claws as they swerved down the road and on to the freeway, happy that Six was finally clothed.

“So, why do we need to kill Cynthia Cruise?” Tkitty asked, trying to maintain his balance as Six wove back and forth between lanes, passing cars at 90 miles per hour.

“If we kill Cynthia Cruise, then Urchin Cruise will not be born. ”

Tkitty knew this, but was very curious about the details. The war in the future was not very active. Most of the humans were dead or underground, and this had given Tkitty a lot of time to research human history in the MindNet archives. Something wasn’t quite right, but Tkitty didn’t know what it was. Unfortunately, Six was not very helpful in providing further background.

They arrived at the address in their instructional data, which should be Cynthia's apartment.

"Verify target," Six commanded, “and don’t let them hear you talk. Act like a cat.”

Tkitty growled grumpily and went up the stair well. Cynthia's apartment was the third down the hall on the left, #206. Tkitty scratched at the door and meowed. A woman with dark hair and Walkman headphones around her neck opened the door. She must be Cynthia, thought Tkitty.

"Oh, hello little kitty, are you hungry?"

Tkitty meowed again, went through the door the woman held open, and signaled Six silently to let him know that the target was in the apartment.

“Want some milk? Oh, sure, you want some milk.”

The woman placed the milk on the floor, and Tkitty lapped it up quickly. There was a bladder in Tkitty’s chest that stored food so that he could nourish the living tissue that surrounded his endoskeleton.

Is my flesh my exoskeleton? Thought Tkitty.

“Your body is your mind, mate.”

“Who said that?” asked Tkitty, using MindSynth transmission to communicate on the same channel.

The iguana on the bookshelf moved from in back of the cookie jar, looked towards Tkitty, and flicked his tongue.

“My name is Kor. I came back in time on my own. Your mission is wrong, Tkitty. You are working with false data and procedures.”