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2010-05-08 | Tkitty | Tkitty - Assassination and Blood

Tkitty was confused because only the machines could communicate using MindSynth, and there were no cyborg iguanas ever made that Tkitty was aware of. The woman had turned away and was cleaning up some dishes in the sink. Tkitty walked around behind the woman to get a closer look at Kor.

"I should kill you where you sit," hissed Tkitty. "No creature uses MindSynth but machines, and you are not a machine. Where did you get the transmitter?"

"One of your first trial runs missed by five years and ended up placing the cyborg in a brick wall. My owner at the time salvaged the head. But, let's not waste time. I know why you are here. You must stop the assassination."

Tkitty leapt at Kor and snagged his shoulder with his claws as the iguana pulled away, ripping the thick skin. Just as Tkitty was going to go in for the kill, Six broke through the door. The woman screamed and threw a knife at Six. The knife caught Six right below his cheek. It dangled for a little while and then fell to the floor with a clank, blood spilling down Six's cheek.

Six pulled an automatic pistol from his jacket and fired it at the woman, throwing her backwards into the book shelf above the sink. Kor fell down on top of the dead woman and scurried off through the open door. As he left, Tkitty heard Kor say, "You will know someday, you will know."

Six snapped a picture of the woman and uploaded the picture for analysis. A few moments later he shouted, "Cat. That was not Cynthia Cruise. We must pursue. She is North." Tkitty was not happy about going for another ride with Six, but there was no other choice.

Tkitty got in the diaper van and Six accelerated down the street. Stinky blue smoke billowed up from the back of the van as they traveled up the on-ramp to the freeway. What did Kor mean, thought Tkitty? "Your body is your mind." How strange. Tkitty watched as Six cut out the damaged tissue on his cheek. Six had no nerve connections between his central processing unit and his living tissue. Tkitty was an experimental cyborg that had full nerve connectivity via his connection matrix. When Tkitty's living tissue was cut or burned he felt pain just like any other living creature. The benefit to being able to feel the living tissue and process the nerve information is that it made him much more believable to humans.

The first cats sent back with the assassination cyborgs were disconnected like Six was. The humans could tell quickly that there was something wrong with the cats. The cats might get caught when a human brushed the hair on their back, or even if they didn't respond to a breeze. It didn't matter for the assassination cyborgs because they mainly just pursued and killed. It was the cats that did most of the reconnaissance.

The bloody smell of Six's operation as he was speeding down the road, combined with the rocking of the van made Tkitty feel both excited and nauseous at the same time. True, Tkitty used a gyroscope for balance, but it was wired in the same as an inner ear would be. What was really puzzling, though, was the excitement. Between the blood Tkitty had drawn from Kor's shoulder still wet on Tkitty's paw and the smell of Kor, Tkitty was ready to rip the throat from some creature and snack.

"Your body is your mind, Mate." How odd, thought Tkitty. Tkitty decided to shut down and rest. All went black.

I could hear Kor, underneath the forest floor, humming. His humming became louder and louder until the buzz drowned out the other noises in the forest. I awoke just as a street sweeper drove by our parked diaper van.