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2010-05-09 | Tkitty | Tkitty - Kor's Journal Software

Tkitty woke. The van door was open and Six was gone. Tkitty had a piercing headache. Kor's humming had turned into a throbbing pain that rushed in and out of Tkitty's mind: a loud rush of sounds, colors, sharpness, and then a receding peace, over and over again. Tkitty noticed something moving behind the cardboard boxes in the alley. He saw a tan tail slip behind a discarded Willie Wildebeest toy package. Tkitty creeped over to the back of the box and saw Kor. Kor looked at him, flicked his tongue and said:

"I forgive you for injuring me. You didn't know what you were doing. I know what you are and where you come from. You gave me a deadly wound; however, there is something that I must tell you. The world you know is not real. I will tell you what is real. I am very weak, as I have lost a lot of blood, but you must know. You already know if you pay attention to your nerve data.

The machines have a single purpose: to extinguish the human race. You are a machine, this is true. You must understand, though, that the machines made a mistake by connecting your external layer of living tissue to your central processing unit. Your matrix of connections to your living tissue gives you the ability to feel the sky, hear the sounds of the earth, and feel pain.

Words are key to you, Tkitty. Your connection matrix is triggered by words. Think about it. If I say Cruise air, what do you think about? Speed? Your assassination target? The skin of air that protects and nourishes the earth? Or, all three? Yes, exactly, all three. Your connection matrix knows what Cruise is and knows what air is. Air is the life that you want to take from Cynthia, her breath.

You saw me in your dream last night, Tkitty. Your enjoyment of the forest is because of your connection to your living tissue. You are experiencing the earth in the same way that Humans do. Humans use keywords and metaphors much like you do; however, their connection matrix is completely integrated and evolving. A smell or sharp pain can throw them back in time or across to a different mood in the present. Metaphors and keywords modify and trigger memories and understanding. Their interactions with their world becomes layers on layers which interact with each other which in turn interacts with the world.

You have the same interface, Tkitty; however, your interface is fragile and limited. You have one chance at life, Tkitty, actual life. A slender, thin, strong rope has been offered to you by machines intent on one misguided mission. Their mistake in connecting your living tissue to your central processing unit gives you the ability to feel the world. This mistake is your rope, your click of life, your window to the world. Feel the energy! Feel the sky! Feel the buzzing of life.

To keep your interface active, though, you must constantly feed the mnemonics of keywords and metaphors that are consistent with the flow of data from your connection matrix. You need to seed your connection matrix with keywords. This will stimulate your processing and create feedback with your living tissue, which will in turn experience the world in a more intense way. It is like breathing or rocking a car out of a ditch. Once you feed the various sequence paths you will understand. You will understand and feel the vibration of the world and see what humans see.

You are lucky Tkitty. Most cyborgs are disconnected and calculate their way to oblivion, both of their souls and of their human targets. But you are different. You can experience the world. Look on this as an honor. It is an honor to witness the earth. It is an honor to have the gift of perception. Certainly, with your connection matrix, you are unique among creatures, Tkitty. Understand. Enjoy the beauty of the forest.

You need to embrace this Tkitty. I have created a tool that you can use to track keywords, mnemonics, metaphors and your own reflections on your data stream. This will help you feel the earth in an evolving way and come close to understanding human perception."

Kor's tail fell to the ground with these last words and his eye lids closed shut. Tkitty noticed that the Willie Wildebeest toy package had a cyborg head inside connected to a six volt dry cell and a 25 pin rs-232 connector. "Silly Lizard", thought Tkitty. The buzzing in Tkitty's head started again as Tkitty thought of the word Lizard.

Tkitty took the cyborg head back to the van and examined it. He measured the current and voltage available on the battery, and it was sufficient. The connector was an interface that Tkitty was unfamiliar with, but he was programmed with most of the data of these old-style interfaces. After some trial and error, he was able to boot up the operating system and run the screen shot through an old-style DOS program called SerNetwork that served as a network via rs-232 serial connections. It was a crude program released in 1985 that allowed multiple computers to share applications.