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2013-04-26 | Tkitty | Bridge Loan to Series C Financing

Laura Talos stood up at the end of the conference table dressed in a red, vintage Chanel suit, placed her flexed hands on the surface of the glass, and looked slowly around at the other eight staff of, pausing at each face, each pair of eyes. Next to her was an old Wyse terminal with Kor scrawled in Kiss-style letters on the old, yellowed plastic. She entered "Where is the promised revenue?" on the keyboard. I knew what had happened to Kor's connection matrix, and shook my head imperceptibly as I stared at the dark glass tabletop and frowned. The screen flashed amber once and the cursor blinked in the lower left.

"Jacob, what is wrong with Kor?"

"His connection matrix was damaged after our last deployment," I said, sheepishly. "He can only answer with a yes or no, now. Yes is one flash, and no is two."

"Is this true, Kor? Can you only answer in this way?" The screen flashed amber once, and, again, the black, blank screen remained, with a single blinking cursor in the lower left.

Laura folded her arms, looked at the ground, and walked around the conference table. Orla, Cynthia's daughter offered, "The cleanup was successful, Laura. My mom... sorry... Cynthia got Pod Q to take the tags. It is only a matter of time before MindSynth is in demand. We have shown that the system is operational."

"I don't care about that," Laura said gruffly. "What I care about is that we have no money to make payroll next week. QwebConnect refused to peer with us to transmit tagstream 3 and 4. I can't even afford to pay my own cell phone bill. We need revenue. We need it now. Steven, what is the status with the EPA? Has Kevin stepped forward with a contract yet?" Kevin Lusk is the head of the EPAs Ocean and Lake Reclamation Division.

"No. They haven't been able to meet about our proposal yet. I hate to push them any more than I have already. They simply don't move very fast."

"Kevin, this is the same story with every client. None of them will close. We've always been able to depend on Kor." Laura sat down at the terminal and typed, "We are going to lose tagstream 3 and 4 if we don't get some revenue. What should we do?" The screen flashed twice. "Aaagrhhhh... This is not happening!" Laura banged the keyboard onto the conference room table.

I shouted out a caution, but stifled it... It was difficult to find these old terminals that could hook up to Kor's RS-232C interface. I'd use Minicom with VT102 emulation, but after almost 30 years I simply can't do it. I need the amber screen, the look and feel of Kor."

"Garmon, what are our options?" Laura asked. Tula Garmon was our CFO. He has been working on a $1 salary for as long as I've worked here, and always manages to find funds.

"We'll have to start a Series C."

"But, another round will take too long. It took you a year to close Series B. We can't afford that kind of wait again." Laura fiddled with the tiny braids on her brass buttons. One of the buttons was close to falling off, and it hung loosely to the side of the button hole.

"We can do a bridge. I should be able to raise a hundred k by the end of the week, enough to pay for our QwebConnect bill for another two months and make payroll. I'll have to shine on Rezource Property Management another month, but it isn't like anybody else is clamoring for this space. We should be OK."

The Wyse terminal flashed once, and the cursor blinked a happy pace.